Tamworth pork, butcher cuts & sausages

Tamworth pork, butcher cuts & sausages

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About Our Pigs: We raise tamworth-crosses, a hardy hertiage breed that thrives outside and forage on our pasture, roots, bush and fallen apples. They are also fed a non-GMO grain/corn/soy ration daily. None of our animals are medicated.

Our butcher cuts are wrapped in butcher paper and frozen.

Pricing:  Everything is priced by the pound.  Once your place your order, we'll get an exact weight and either reimburse you the difference OR let you know how much more it will be.

  • Boston Butt (pulled pork!), 3-4lbs $11/lb
  • Tenderloin, $12/lb
  • Shoulder Roast, 3-4lbs bone-in; $11/lb
  • Side Ribs, $10/lb
  • Bacon, 1lb package ($12/lb)
  • Smoked Ham, 4-5lbs bone-in and skin-on  ($11/lb)
  • Ham (not-smoked), 4-5lbs bone-in and skin-on ($9/lb)
  • Smoked Hock ($9/lb)
  • Sausages; Regular, Hot Italian, Honey Garlic ($13/lb)