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Pork, Smoked Ham Steak

Pork, Smoked Ham Steak

Kendal Hills Farm
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Picture your holiday ham, sliced into 3/4" thick steaks and then lightly smoked.  This cut is great to fry up with eggs and mushrooms for breakfast, or to use in a club sandwich, or to grill on the BBQ and enjoy as a meal.

$9/lb, approximately 1.5 pounds per package (one steak per package).

About Our Pigs: We raise tamworth-crosses, a hardy heritage breed that thrives outside and forage on our pasture, roots, bush and fallen apples. They are also fed a grain/corn/soy ration daily. None of our animals are medicated.

Our butcher cuts are wrapped in butcher paper and frozen.

Like all of our meat, if there's any difference in the actual weight of your package, we will settle the difference when you pickup your order.