Eggs - One Dozen

Eggs - One Dozen

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We raise a variety of heritage laying hens that live outside.  It's only during the winter that they have the option of coming indoors.

In addition to plants, insects & mice (yes, you read that right - chickens are carnivores) they eat certified organic grains.

Our eggs are NOT washed or graded and are ONLY available to pickup at the farm.  Eggs are supply managed, meaning to raise more than 99 you need to have quota.  To sell them anywhere other than at the farm they need to be graded at a commercial egg-grading station.  The nearest one to us is 45 minutes away (though that might change soon!)


  • barnevelder
  • welsummer
  • partridge chantecler
  • barred holland
  • amereaucana
  • plymouth rock
  • columbian rock
  • Black-sex link

 Because we have so few eggs, there's only two ways to reserve them.  The first to purchase a BUNDLE (the Egg Lover has to be added to another bundle).  The second is to pay $16/dozen.

If we have any leftover, we bring them to market where it's first come first serve.