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Dried Herbs & Vegetables

Dried Herbs & Vegetables

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Dried Rosemary: 

Fragrant, organic rosemary.  Take the leaves off sprigs to flavour lamb, potatoes and focaccia bread.  The stalks are excellent to use as skewers for meat or vegetables in infuse more flavour roasted or on the grill.

Dried Horsetail:

Horsetail is a phenomenal herb that has been used for it’s healing and medicinal properties for centuries.  It is very high in silica which can help bone, nail and hair health.  Horsetail can be used to make nail and hair strengthening soaks, or brewed like a green tea hot or cold.

Flaked Garlic: 

Organic, dried, flaked garlic is perfect for all your garlic seasoning needs.  Shelf-stable and versatile, this garlic can be used straight out of the package without rehydrating needed.  In it’s raw state, this garlic retains it’s spicy kick.

Roasted Red Pepper: 

Organic, roasted sweet peppers dried with no additives.  Rehydrate to your desired texture to add to pizza, pasta, omelettes or salad!  Perfect addition for camping.

Kale Powder:

Versatile, nutritious an easy to use.  This organic kale powder can be added to your smoothies, cooking or baking.  Great for people on the go, wanting to have a power packed kale kick at the gym or while travelling.
For parents of picky eaters, this kale powder can very easily be snuck into favourite foods with 1 tsp equaling 1 full cup of fresh kale.

About Us!

So Delish provides organic locally sourced herbs, dried vegetables, vegetable powders and fruit purees here in Ontario.