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Beef, $100 Box of Assorted Cuts

Beef, $100 Box of Assorted Cuts

Enright Cattle Company
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A sample of hand picked Enright beef cuts varying from grilling steaks to pot roasts. Cuts will reflect the season!  An example of this selection might be 2-3lbs of ground beef, 1lbs of stew, approximately 3lbs oven roast , 2 prime cut steaks, 2-4 marinating steaks.

The precise cuts and quantities may vary, but the value and quality never does.


Enright Cattle Company are fourth-generation farmers committed to community.They farm to feed their family and their neighbours.They take great care with their land and their animals, ensuring they grow and thrive. And they take great pride in the results – exceptionally good food they can share with others. 
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