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Permaculture chickens

apple tree in chicken pastureThe baby chicks are almost ready to move into their new home...this pasture next to the brooder building.  The large overhang will protect them from the weather until the row of trees - including this newly planted apple - is large enough.  My hope with the apple trees is that the fruit will attract insects so that the chickens will feast on both them and the apples.   In between flocks, the wood shavings and manure from their indoor accommodations will be used as mulch & compost to regenerate the soil in the pasture so that it stays healthy.  This is one of three pastures that we use for our flocks, so that each pasture gets at least 21 days of rest and recovery before a new flock of chickens are placed in it.

The other thing we've accounted for is chicken density (a.k.a. the number of chickens per acre).  Too many and they can't move freely and could peck at each other (that's why some industrial farmers de-beak their birds!).   Bizarrely, if we followed the Canadian free-range requirement we could place 54,500 chickens per acre!!!  We're happy to say that our chickens have a lot more room than that, about one square metre each and that we'll be closely monitoring how they do.  If they need more space, we will make it happen!

Our first flock will be ready from our farm to your table on July 29th.  Only 300 available.  Reserve your birds here.