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Clarington Special

This April, we're offering anyone in Clarington FREE home delivery on orders over $50.00 and 25% off chicken*
This is THE best chicken in the province right now.  It's from our fall flocks (because you can't raise chickens outside in the winter), which means they are frozen.  Chefs at the restaurants we supply say 'your frozen is 10x better than any fresh we can find'.
So why do we have still have chickens?  Well, 2017 was our first year and we were too ambitious and didn't appreciate how long it takes to develop relationships with customers.  With the 2018 season already upon us, we need to empty our freezers.
You can expect a 4.5 - 6lbs chicken, raised outdoors on certified organic feed.
Select home delivery during check-out.  We'll be making Clarington deliveries on Sundays and will connect with you beforehand.
Dave & Emily
*discount only applies to the WHOLE and HALF chickens (not to the freezer orders, the marinated chickens or any chicken parts)